Dating american fender strat

29-Apr-2018 21:51

ALOT of "1979" Strats with S9 serial numbers I've recently seen online appear to be from 1980, including the Strat I bought.

Body and Neck: All bodies are Ash, and usually a heavy piece.

In this case it stands for the 3rd week of 1980 and was a Thursday.

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S7 5 digits = 1977-1978 S8 5 digits = 1977-1978 - I have seen a 1982 Strat with an S8 decal S9 5 digits = 1978-1982 E0 5 digits = 1979-1982 E1 5 digits = 1980-1982 Be especially careful with '79 Strats.

The trussrod was inserted through the back of the neck and the channel filled with the Walnut "skunk stripe".

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