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S.-European space cooperation involves an international space rescue project which would employ a Titan Ill-Gemini combina- tion as a standby rescue vehicle to go to the aid of astronauts in orbital difficulty. Sweden To Buy More Seacats Sweden plans to equip more naval vessels with the United Kingdom's Seacat guided missile.

Further orders for the weapon have been placed with Short Brothers and Harland of Belfast.

Through the diversification of its divisions, North American Aviation is also a leader in nuclear energy, elec- tronics, rocketry, aviation, life sciences and space flight. Carlin Director of Circulation Paddy Nelson Circulation Promotion R. Just as working conditions are above average so are the living conditions in nearby rural, urban or suburban areas. The duplication of effort, unrealistic goals, in- efficient management, criminal wastes of money, etc., is quite evident in our space program. Speeding Up Gemini To the Editor: The recent flight of Maj. With GT-4 one of our astronauts should leave the spacecraft completely. DOD-NASA Tracking Agreement Near Watch for announcement by Dept.

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The long baseline interferometer station (2) is at Pretoria, South Africa. solid rocket motor being developed by Aerojet-General Corp. MAY 3 HEADLINES House Expected To Approve .18 Billion for NASA 10 Titan lll-C Booster Successfully Fired by UTC 10 House Committee Wants Military Fund Restoration 11 U. Technology Sought by Eurospace 12 Eurospace Leaders Draw Up Proposals for Council 12 NASA To Assign JPL Voyager Lander Management Role 14 MOL Medical Needs Dictate New Equipment 15 Nuclear Pulse Propulsion May Be Revived 16 M/R Announces Award-Winning Propulsion Papers. Report on 260-inch Rupture Due Soon Report on the rupture of the Thiokol half-length 260- inch solid motor case during a structural test is expected on May 10.

The total was increased, however, when the committee restored .2 million for the SNAP 8, 260-in.